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posted 07/23/2016

A recent study found that more than one free meal increased the likelihood of doctors prescribing the drug of the meal provider

posted 07/11/2016

Like canaries in the coal mine, the first signs of drug effects from the water often manifest in the fish

posted 06/20/2016

Sixteen percent of U.S. girls now experience breast development by the age of 7 and 30 percent by the age of 8.

posted 04/26/2016

A University of Iowa study found MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) in 70 percent of hogs on farms studied and in 64 percent of workers; resistant bacteria were found on an unopened soft drink can in a car following a poultry truck.

posted 10/16/2015

“Research” establishing the flame retardant chemical deca (Deca-BDE ) as safe can be traced to just 12 blood samples obtained in 1988 and “spun” by a consulting company hired by chemical makers. The toxicologist who analyzed and disseminated the research, Dennis Paustenbach, is known for his resear

posted 10/08/2015

"Are there periods of time when you have racing thoughts? Fly off the handle at little things? Spend out of control? Need less sleep? Feel irritable? You may need treatment for bipolar disorder," read print ads in major magazines for Seroquel when it was first approved for bipolar disorder.

posted 09/29/2015

US pork producers have debuted a label that assures consumers their meat was not made by giving animals ractopamine, an asthma drug-like beta agonist that increases protein synthesis

posted 09/24/2015

Drug company links to Duke University researcher Robert Califf, nominated by the Obama administration to be FDA commissioner, are not hard to find. Califf has "served as a director, officer, partner, employee, advisor, consultant or trustee for Genentech” and reports 23 links to drug companies.

posted 09/16/2015

 It has always been legal for U.S. doctors to prescribe drugs for off-label uses but marketing of off-label uses has been illegal.

posted 09/02/2015

Mad cow disease (BSE or bovine spongiform encephalopathy) and the related Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) found in humans are back in the news. In the southern Italian region of Puglia, two people died last month.

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According to whistleblowers who sold Xolair at Novartis and Genentech--a scheme of kickbacks and bribes, misinformation about Xolair’s approved uses and risks and insurance fraud was used to sell Xolair

After an 18 month investigation into the high cost of Gilead’s hepatitis C drug Sovaldi, the Senate Finance Committee said the prices did not reflect the cost of research and development and that Gilead cared about “revenue” not “affordability and accessibility.”

Drug companies have "bought" opioid favorable guidelines and the FDA continues to approve new opioids. Don't blame patients for the opioid abuse epidemic