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Pediatric neuropathologist Dr. Waney Squier has distilled decades of professional and personal... more »
posted 03/18/18
A series of legal developments in the past few weeks highlights the devastating effects of... more »
posted 07/22/17
A British High Court judge has reinstated Dr. Waney Squier’s right to practice medicine, in a... more »
posted 10/10/16

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Posted by Sue Luttner | Sunday, 2017-07-09, 23:12
This posting is hauntingly plausible—I also have been the recipient of chaotic and mismanaged...
Posted by Sue Luttner | Monday, 2016-05-09, 21:49
Thank you, Ryan White, for this statistical look behind the headlines, with a refreshing free...
Posted by Sue Luttner | Saturday, 2015-06-13, 10:10
I'm so sorry to hear about another case. I hope the jury is thinking carefully. ...

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Although the diagnosis of shaken baby syndrome has enjoyed wide acceptance for 30 years, biomechanical research continues to cast doubt on the fundamental thinking behind the theory.

I am orthopedic history, walking.