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Gerri Shaftel Constant's stories

Awards and Updates

Los Angeles Area Emmy Award - awarded by Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

Category: Medical News Story - Multi ReportĀ  For "Hormone Nightmare" a series about the struggles of two women battling Polycystic Ovary Sydrome.

Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards - awarded by Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Three Emmys won in 2009 for Stories that aired in 2008.

1) Best Medical Reporting, Single Report: "Dr. Clean" was a story about a simple approach to fight hospital infections.

2) Best Medical Reporting Mulit-Part: "Vaccine Skeptics" was a two part story looking at concerns about vaccine mandates for infants, and Gardasil safety concerns for teen girls.

3) Invidividual Achievement Feature Reporting. This was an award for a body of work airing in 2008.

Gerri Shaftel Constant's Work

The size of a toddler, the organ damage of a 90 year old and the mind of a teenager.

She's on a mission to spread joy. Her lungs pretty much shot from complications of Cystic Fibrosis, Claire Wineland shares her feelings about possibility of dying young, and her committment enjoy every minute of whatever time she has.

Do your doctors always have your best interests in mind when they prescribe a new medication? A former pharmaceutical representative says not neccessarily. She's confessing sexy tricks she used to get doctors to prescribe her meds to more patients.