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For African Americans, cultural considerations can significantly shape the way survivors and... more »
posted 07/08/14

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Posted by Jazelle | Tuesday, 2014-07-22, 07:32
Wow, thanks for sharing Mary. Your writing is so vivid.
Posted by Jazelle | Tuesday, 2014-07-22, 06:38
Thanks very much Danielle!

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"As a journalist and as a person, there’s something therapeutic about being entrusted with someone’s personal rock bottom, and being a vessel for their story," writes journalist Jazelle Hunt. "There’s something therapeutic and powerful about standing with someone in his or her pain."

Eight years after journalist Lori Robinson was raped by two men, she published a guidebook for African American survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Since the attack, she has moved on to enjoy a happy, fulfilling life. But on that night 20 years ago, she didn’t know how, or if, she would recover.

About 80 percent of rapes happen between people of the same race. For black women survivors whose assailants are also black, cultural codes can make it difficult to speak out.