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Danny, From your vantage point, did the senators perk up at anything in particular? There were a lot of interesting solutions shared in the... more »
Dan, Thanks. I'll keep writing about these issues as long as you and the patient advocate community keep talking and writing about them, too.
Bob, I have encouraged reporters in the past to use the NPD, even with its restrictions, for stories to show the value of these types of... more »
Elaine,You bring up a great point. This is why I'm writing "Complete Health Reporting" as a series of posts instead of trying to cover... more »
Shelly,The criteria I listed are just for the purposes of deciding whether to put an incident on the map. I'm trying to make sure that... more »
Dr. Puckrein,Great map. I'm going to explore it with my readers in an upcoming post. Let me know when you update it with new data. My email is... more »
Mary,Great post! I missed some of the sessions you mentioned and feel well served by these highlights.
Jeannette,Thanks for your note. I wonder if we will see a day when doctors put their MicroCog results on the wall the same way some of them do... more »
Carolyn,Thanks for your note. I'm not sure medicine is much different from journalism, law enforcement, or many other professions in this regard... more »
Thanks to all of you for your comments. I love that the Jethro Tull Problem still has currency in 2012. The fact that multiple people sent me... more »

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Why journalists need to do more to prevent the spread of disinformation by calling out the... more »
posted 01/19/21
It's worth paying special attention to how many people complete the two-dose COVID-19 vaccination... more »
posted 01/12/21
Contributor Bill Heisel outlines three things you can do to put together an investigation of... more »
posted 12/28/20

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Danny, ...
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Collaborative Reporting

The ACEs study had a huge impact on how the medical establishment thinks about childhood... more »
The Resilience of Refugee Children After War report put together by the American Psychological... more »