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Thanks for your comment. As a patient of Dr. Hollis, you might be interested in the three-part interview I posted with him. The first part is... more »
Robin,Thanks for your comment. I've been writing about this topic from the standpoint of patient safety not weight-loss efficacy. You make a... more »
Eileen,Thanks for your thoughtful note. There is almost always a backstory to be found, and some of my favorite stories are the ones where the... more »
Eileen,Thanks for the tip. I will definitely check it out.Bill
Thanks to Marc and the good people at Improbable Research for taking note of the Big Ideas post. I imagine the Cardiff Giant's boosters would... more »
You bring up some great points. Penn was just the latest example, of course, and this is the reason I have started down this path. Look for more... more »
The link should still work. I just checked it. It takes you to the search page where you have to type in the doctor's name. Perhaps you need to... more »
Patty,Who is Richard? In Colorado, I actually found the documents to be some of the most frustratingly vague of all the medical boards I... more »
Great work in pushing the DEA to provide you some data. It's a good reminder to health writers to go beyond what they see online. Records are... more »
Thank you for your comment. This is the reason I started writing "Doctors Behaving Badly," because it is so hard to find information about... more »

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Why journalists need to do more to prevent the spread of disinformation by calling out the... more »
posted 01/19/21
It's worth paying special attention to how many people complete the two-dose COVID-19 vaccination... more »
posted 01/12/21
Contributor Bill Heisel outlines three things you can do to put together an investigation of... more »
posted 12/28/20

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Collaborative Reporting

The ACEs study had a huge impact on how the medical establishment thinks about childhood... more »
The Resilience of Refugee Children After War report put together by the American Psychological... more »