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Thank you for your comment. I think if you read this post again you will see that I describe the requirements for people to qualify for Lap-Band... more »
I'm not sure how much you have read about what Wakefield himself says about a vaccine-autism link. He has made that connectionr repeatedly.... more »
There were so many posts on this topic, that I probably should have included a timeline to keep everything straight for readers. As I explained... more »
Liz,Thanks for your note. These are all great points and interesting voices that you cite. There were a lot of issues that I wish I... more »
I linked to this video in this post: more »
Thanks both of you for your comments. Doctors, it seems to me, should not be forced to police their medical board profiles, especially if they... more »
One can only hope. I just received records in the mail from Michigan. It took a little longer than I would have liked, but they weren't charging... more »
Audrey,Thank you for your thought provoking comment. My point in writing this post was to highlight how the system had failed Dr. Balt. If you... more »
Charles,I have written a lot about doctors who are involved in sexual misconduct cases. If you want to discuss your research further, please... more »
The code wouldn't be that hard if there were a clear location noted in every doctor profile. There are definitely discernible patterns.... more »

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Why journalists need to do more to prevent the spread of disinformation by calling out the... more »
posted 01/19/21
It's worth paying special attention to how many people complete the two-dose COVID-19 vaccination... more »
posted 01/12/21
Contributor Bill Heisel outlines three things you can do to put together an investigation of... more »
posted 12/28/20

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Collaborative Reporting

The ACEs study had a huge impact on how the medical establishment thinks about childhood... more »
The Resilience of Refugee Children After War report put together by the American Psychological... more »