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posted 06/23/2020
Scientists and reporters are watching for a full-blown COVID-19 resurgence. How will we know when we're there? Keep these confounding factors in mind.
posted 05/26/2020
The federal funding spigot has been turned on full force to combat COVID-19. That means journalists should start keeping tabs now.
posted 05/13/2020
Why reporters should explain to their audiences how misleading case counts really are.
posted 05/04/2020
"If I had to grade journalists on this point during the crisis I would give them a B+ on writing about uncertainty in epidemiology."
posted 04/15/2020
How reporters have been asking about whether their communities are ready for the expected surge of patients suffering from COVID-19.
posted 04/02/2020
A powerful new modeling tool from the University of Washington can help you ask tough questions about what the health care system in your state is doing to prepare.
posted 02/27/2020
If you’re like me, you are alarmed by the rates of complications and deaths from sepsis worldwide. As a reporter, where do you start? Hospital Compare is a good place to begin.
posted 02/21/2020
Why is sepsis such a maddening challenge, and why should reporters care?
posted 02/07/2020
Why do so many able-bodied actors take on roles portraying a person with disabilities?
posted 01/21/2020
An easily searchable database allows you to see quick visualizations of your hospital system’s most recent financial trends.

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