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Reporter Kathleen O'Brien of the New Jersey Star-Ledger stayed flexible in her reporting and... more »
posted 04/28/15
New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, has walked a fine line in his decisions about the... more »
posted 07/07/14

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New Jersey was one of 28 states that opted to accept federal money to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. That expansion has added almost 400,000 people to the public health insurance program - without necessarily adding more doctors to see them.

In the era before modern surgery and antibiotics, care for all but the very elite was provided by unschooled healers such as midwives, "bone-setters," and apothecaries. Their fees were low, and many would barter their services for crops or food.

New Jerseyans covered by Medicaid report it's sometimes difficult to find doctors — particularly specialists — who will accept its insurance plans. Here are some tips, gathered from doctors, physician practice administrators and other patients.