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Awards and Updates

McClatchy President's Award for Special Projects - awarded by McClatchy Company
Honored for series of stories on Kettleman City's environmental justice fight

I recently received the George F. Gruner Prize for Meritorious Public Service in Journalism, a McClatchy Company President's Award, and an honor from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists for my three-part series on the Kettleman City community's fight for health and environmental justice.


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New hepatitis C treatments are both staggeringly effective and expensive. This has sparked a... more »
posted 12/03/15
When some youth journalists report on environmental health issues impacting their own communities... more »
posted 03/20/13
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posted 03/07/13

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Posted by rebeccaplevin | Thursday, 2012-01-05, 11:44
Joy - I cover similar issues here in the San Joaquín Valley, and have often been tempted to do...
Posted by rebeccaplevin | Monday, 2010-11-15, 11:45
Hi Barbara: I just blogged about a sorta-similar project here in the San Joaquin Valley. The San...
Posted by rebeccaplevin | Tuesday, 2010-09-28, 10:14
Wow - that's a great story. It is amazing to think that a fuel-efficient stove could provide...

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The Los Angeles Department of Health Services will start approving hepatitis C drugs for active IV drug users. Until now, the department had withheld approval for anyone who had not been drug-free for at least six months.
"It's our obligation to offer treatment in a manner that's rational and logical," said the county's chief medical officer. "We identify the individuals for initial treatment right now, based on how we can offer the most care to the most people, who are going to benefit from it the most now."

How one reporter "fell down a data rabbit hole" while investigating how many Medicaid patients were denied costly hep C drugs, and what she'll do differently next time.

Collaborative Reporting

Community members are invited to attend Valley Fever Research Day Saturday at the UCSF Fresno... more »
California's Attorney General has questioned the feasibility of the federal order to move more... more »