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posted 05/25/2021
Wired is looking for a senior health writer; Buzzfeed News is seeking a deputy inequality editor.
posted 05/20/2021
Dr. Cheryl Woods Giscombe discusses how Black women experience stress, and how it may be impacting their health during the pandemic.
posted 05/18/2021
The Orange County Register is looking for a crime and public safety reporter. The Arizona Republic is seeking a policing in Arizona reporter.
posted 05/11/2021
New York & Michigan Solutions Journalism Collaborative is looking for a caregiving project editor. The 19th is seeking a caregiving reporter.
posted 05/04/2021
Tampa Bay Times is looking for a health and medicine reporter. Colorado Public Radio is seeking a health, education and justice team editor.
posted 05/04/2021
Black girls in the United States have long been denied the vulnerability and protection usually afforded children.
posted 04/27/2021
Politico is looking for a health technology reporter. HBO is seeking a manager of health and wellness.
posted 04/22/2021
Why Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of APHA, thinks enacting vaccine passports right now could be a "slippery slope" that exacerbates inequities.
posted 04/20/2021
The Washington Post is looking for a deputy climate and environment editor; Associated Press is seeking a health and science video producer.
posted 04/19/2021
How she structures her reporting to create sweeping accounts of personal turmoil and overarching revelations about systems of power and their impacts on our lives.

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Researchers detail yet another instance of a predictive formula that can disadvantage Black... more »
posted 10/25/21
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posted 07/26/21
The pair discuss how they approached their award-winning series, and share tips on how reporters... more »
posted 06/24/21

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