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posted 10/20/2020
Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: dot.LA is looking for a science and technology reporter
posted 10/19/2020
This week: COVID-19 pandemic strains rural hospitals, scaling the third peak, and no mortality benefit from remdesivir.
posted 10/13/2020
Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Inverse is looking for a science reporter
posted 10/05/2020
Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: The Trace is looking for a managing editor
posted 10/05/2020
President Trump receives experimental COVID-19 treatments, coronavirus has killed 1 in 1,000 Black Americans, tribal healthcare struggles in the face of the pandemic
posted 09/30/2020
The pandemic, climate change, and systemic racism dominate conversation during the first presidential debate.
posted 09/29/2020
Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Business Insider is looking for a pharma/biotech reporter
posted 09/28/2020
Young adults outpaced other age groups in COVID-19 cases this summer, U.S. hits tragic pandemic milestone, leading vaccines may be biased towards wealthy nations
posted 09/22/2020
Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: The New York Times seeks a health and science editor
posted 09/21/2020
Children and young people from minority groups are most at risk of COVID-19 complications. Also, Trump’s leadership, journalistic ethics under debate with new Woodward interview release.

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Health Affairs is looking for an editorial assistant, Medpage Today is seeking an enterprise and... more »
posted 01/26/21
President Biden announces COVID-19 strategy, states stumble in ensuring health equity in vaccine... more »
posted 01/25/21
Health & Media Opportunities: The Conversation US is looking for an assistant health and medical... more »
posted 01/19/21

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