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For a reporter who found signs of hopelessness in one Kern County community after another,... more »
posted 11/29/17
An invisible disease has been killing middle-aged white people in the San Joaquin Valley at... more »
posted 02/27/17

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While scores of public agencies are working to develop resources and programs to address childhood trauma and toxic stress in their communities, San Joaquin County in California has been turning itself into a model for how to address the issue.
Stress is a powerful force. It can help us survive, but in some cases, lead to a lifetime of medical issues. A kid can only endure so many stressful traumatic experiences before it impacts his health.
So much of Luton’s childhood and adolescence seemed normal to her at the time. Her father mishandling her mother. Her brother coming after her with a metal poker. Her boyfriend with the meth addiction. All normal. It’s a wonder how she didn’t become a statistic herself.

Collaborative Reporting

Facing pushback from the medical community, California Assemblyman Vince Fong withdrew a bill... more »
Bakersfield Assemblymen Vince Fong and Rudy Salas submitted a $7 million budget proposal that, if... more »