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Is air conditioning is a necessity or a luxury? Rising temps may decide the question for us. more »
posted 08/22/22
COVID taught us a lot about feeding people, especially children. Here's how we can make the... more »
posted 06/15/22
Learning how to live with COVID is a huge challenge. But there’s more to consider in weighing our... more »
posted 02/22/22

Tracie Potts's Work

"Data is the backbone of good reporting, but people make the audience care," writes broadcast reporter Tracie Potts. Here's how she finds the people that make the story.
In her final L.A. County-based story, Potts visited a Eisner Health community clinic in Los Angeles County to talk to patients, physicians and administrators about what would happen to patient care if Congress failed to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program.
When a couple with three children signed into their state insurance marketplace to renew coverage, they found that the cost had more than tripled.