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First Place Feature Story (Serious), Nov. 2016 - awarded by San Francisco Press Club

"Young Guns," April/May 2014, South Bay Accent Magazine

Second Place Magazine Writing Light Feature, Nov. 2017 - awarded by San Francisco Press Club

"The Key to Happiness," South Bay Accent Magazine, April/May 2016.

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The goal is to convince health care organizations, government agencies and community leaders to... more »
posted 03/13/18

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Joy and Ben Langford know how difficult it is for a young family to afford a home in Monterey County. They rented for several years as they had three children. At the same time, Ben’s parents wanted to downsize and relocate from Texas to California to be closer to them, but they couldn't afford it.
Like most of us, Doris Beckman, 67, had a plan for how life was going to go. But real life has a way of interrupting the imagined one.  
"Only until people really realize there are 70 – and 80-year-old women living in their cars will we as a society be forced to change,” one local nonprofit leader says.