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The four years I spent covering San Joaquin County included too many visits to homicide scenes... more »
posted 05/07/20
In recent years, San Joaquin County has had a higher rate of domestic violence calls for... more »
posted 03/25/19

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Fifteen years ago, 53-year-old Alicia Corrales walked away from the grips of abuse that had occurred most of her life. Today, she not only continues to heal herself but also aims to aid others whose lives have been scarred and bruised by domestic violence.
More than half of female homicides in the U.S. are linked to intimate partner violence. And one out of 10 victims experienced some form of violence in the month before their death, which suggests there were opportunities for intervention.
He had called her stupid and dumb. And she made herself believe the belittling and degrading were tolerable — it would pass. Little did she know it would get worse.