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As wells ran dry in the drought-stricken Central Valley this summer, a public health crisis went... more »
posted 11/16/15
My project will compare the health status of Valley Latinos living in a handful of urban... more »
posted 02/23/15

Andrea Castillo's Work

An investigation reveals a system in which violence can be perpetuated against detainees with impunity, both by other detainees and facility staff.

In a town whose problems already include air pollution, water contamination and poverty, the California drought has spurred a growing health crisis, worsening respiratory conditions and burdening those with other illnesses, such as 49-year-old Manuel León.

“Sometimes I think I’m just about to fall asleep,” said Juana Garcia, a mother with five children, two chronic diseases, one waterless home and zero income. “But then I start thinking, what am I going to do about water? Will I last much longer here? Yes, mentally I get very stressed out.”