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"Reporters may experience the same type of denial that firefighters do -- that they can't be... more »
posted 04/15/13
This is the first time Holly Dolan is writing about health for general readers -- and while she... more »
posted 04/26/12
Solana discusses his new job at the Medicare NewsGroup and why journalists shouldn't be afraid to... more »
posted 04/20/12

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Posted by Angilee Shah | Wednesday, 2012-04-25, 11:58
Wendy, thanks for reading. We don't contact people directly about job offerings. Please do follow...
Posted by Angilee Shah | Wednesday, 2012-04-11, 16:51
My family hates it, but I pace a lot when I'm on the phone. Maybe that's helping? Related is this...
Posted by Angilee Shah | Monday, 2012-04-09, 14:07
Chris, what will you do next? Are you still going to write about health products?