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3rd place - Local Coverage of Election 2020 - awarded by California Journalism Award 2020

Anjana Nagarajan-Butaney's Blog

An advocacy group in the Bay Area that works with South Asian clients has reported a pandemic... more »
posted 06/30/21

Anjana Nagarajan-Butaney's Work

Immigrant women in the South Asian community have to overcome not just power imbalances within their relationships and culture, but also hidden imbalances in U.S. immigration and domestic law, which tilt control toward their husbands.
Locked out of her Fremont apartment after a domestic dispute turned violent, Priya huddled terrified in a corner of the hallway. Her new husband had thrown her outside without a blanket, after shoving her onto a sofa and breaking her arm.
In a unique storytelling project, survivors share deeply personal stories about their experience living with and surviving domestic violence.