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My new book, "Lockdown High," explores the myths and reality of school violence and zero... more »
posted 11/15/11
California scored in the lowest quartile among all states in its health care system's provision... more »
posted 02/03/11
Here we were, a couple dozen reporters from some of the best, sharpest news outlets around the... more »
posted 10/25/10

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Health care reform law will increase demand, but low salaries are discouraging young doctors from entering primary care.

On Wednesday mornings, just before 8 o’clock, Ken McCroskey dons a reflective, neon yellow vest, leaves his Albany home with daughter Laurel in tow and together they head to the corner of Santa Fe Avenue and Thousand Oaks Boulevard where they will collect several other young passengers. There is no vehicle, but McCroskey is the "bus driver."

Choicelunch, one of a handful of private companies that provide school lunches in the Bay Area, has helped Havens Elementary meet parent demand for nutritious and tasty foods produced in a sustainable manner. It has also helped with another of the parents’ goals: turning the lunch program into a profit center.