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One resident's kitchen was gutted after a car crashed into her building. But no one from... more »
posted 04/18/22
Two reporters dig beneath the feel-good stories that led SF health officials to pat themselves on... more »
posted 10/20/21
Despite red flags, the city was slow to come up with a COVID-19 response targeting the Latinx... more »
posted 12/04/20

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The planned renovation has the potential to generate millions of dollars through the recapitalization process, enough to fix up the deteriorating apartments and earn some money. But it's been delayed.
Mission Local spent the summer in SF's Bayview District knocking on doors, interviewing residents, entering their homes, and reviewing documents. The outlet found that in many cases, apartments on "The Hill" are making tenants sick.
Eviction notices are going up, and the local program is being tapped.