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Awards and Updates

Sigma Delta Chi award for non-deadline reporting by newspapers of under 100,000 circulation - awarded by National Society of Professional Journalists

Our team produced a week-long series about sex trafficking of teenagers in Oakland, CA, focusing on what it's like for teenagers to live under the control and threats of pimps and on law enforcement's efforts to go after these pimps. Colleagues Kamika Dunlap and Tammerlin Drummond of the Oakland Tribune shared the award. 

Barbara Grady's Blog

What one journalist learned while reporting on San Francisco's program to provide access to... more »
posted 03/12/12

Barbara Grady's Work

What does it take to keep students from low-income and troubled home lives out of the school to prison pipeline? Caring adults and mentors who believed in them as well as a safe and secure environment are key.

Two out of three kids who drop out of Oakland, CA's, public schools come into contact with the criminal justice system, according to an Oakland Unified School District report. In some of Oakland's poorest neighborhoods, more than half of high school students do not graduate.