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Tragically, the murder of a 17-year-old student became a reason to run a fellowship project on... more »
posted 06/03/11
When does health begin? And how far back do you have to go to be truly healthy? That's the gist... more »
posted 11/12/10
Since this conference began on Thursday (an eon ago), we health writers have been confronted with... more »
posted 10/23/10

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Posted by | Friday, 2011-06-03, 15:15
And Martha should know ... if you haven't already read "On Their Own: What Happens to Kids When...
Posted by | Saturday, 2010-10-23, 22:18
Hi,It's funny you should mention mustard, because after i left my aunt in Provence, I went to...

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It's third period at Castlemont Business and Information Technology School in East Oakland. A visitor begins a discussion about poverty, bad food and crime. Tough times? Tough streets? These high school students aren't stressing.

To a teen living in the rough areas of East Oakland, sorrow is no stranger. Random violence, worry about the future and a constant battle for basics such as healthy food or good schools add up to a kind of life that can make an East Oakland teen far older than his or her chronological age.

Interviews with and writings by nearly 100 students at the Castlemont Campus of Small Schools reveal three major stressors jeopardize their health: academic anxiety, lack of healthy food and an environment that limits their freedom and imprisons them indoors. Even more alarming, factors such as a