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Across the country, politicians, reform advocates and the bail industry are waiting to see what... more »
posted 09/17/18
We're asking distinguished reporters to highlight an issue or story that is either being missed... more »
posted 07/02/18
Oklahoma's Tulsa County has essentially recreated a system of debtors’ prisons, critics say. Less... more »
posted 07/15/16

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It's a disturbing trend: Across Texas, the number of women awaiting trial in county jails has jumped by 48 percent since 2011. At the peak this year in August, more than 6,300 women were jailed before trial, up from under 4,000 in 2011.
As women go to jail at staggering rates, Dallas Morning News reporter Cary Aspinwall tapped into her outrage to tell the story of how their children get overlooked.
In Oklahoma, ranked No. 1 for per capita female incarceration, kids were going missing from school because their mothers were locked up in county jail. "This was the most complicated story I’ve ever done," writes 2016 National Fellow Cary Aspinwall.