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Many of the topics we report on every day benefit when viewed through a child-focused lens. more »
posted 10/26/20
California spends an estimated $4 to $5 billion a year on mental health services for children and... more »
posted 10/23/17
Beaches, sunshine, natural beauty, high-priced homes. In so many ways, Ventura County embodies... more »
posted 02/22/15

Claudia Boyd-Barrett's Work

Families share experiences of living through the pandemic and what help they still need.
Like thousands of parents across California and beyond who are caring for children with physical, behavioral and developmental conditions, the Ansaris rely on a small army of teachers, therapists, nurses and other caregivers to get through the week.
“We kind of got stuck in limbo,” said Melissa Alcala, whose son has a rare genetic disorder.