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As we look to understand the public health response to COVID-19, Dr. Jan Gurley of the San... more »
posted 07/16/20
The U.S. faces an impending doctor shortage because not enough new ones are being trained to meet... more »
posted 03/27/14
The idea is that Electronic Health Records will reduce paperwork and administrative costs. But as... more »
posted 02/20/14

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Posted by docgurley | Friday, 2010-08-20, 13:47
I have found that general readers will specifically comment on links to academic articles - often...
Posted by docgurley | Monday, 2010-07-05, 11:32
Great insight here. I especially appreciate the comments about consent when healthcare providers...

R. Jan Gurley 's Work

You might think that spending ten years on the street, two of them at 6th and Mission, might mean that a person is a hopeless case. These four amazing people illustrate homeless success.

She’d slept one night in the Mission District under a bush, and woke in the dark when someone grabbed her ankle. Four men held her down and raped her. Now, almost three months later, she spoke in a flat, detached voice like this was somehow normal, just another blank to be filled in like her cough, or whether she had an allergy, her eyes drifting all around the room.

Awareness of the risks to children from not having a stable home also means that parents who are already desperately trying to juggle the demands of managing a life without an address, or a stable food supply, or often a phone, are also frantically trying to do what’s best for their kids, often under mind-blowingly stressful circumstances.