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In states such as New Mexico, many kids are put into treatment foster care who should never be... more »
posted 07/02/18
America’s opioid epidemic has exploded in recent years. But the community of Española in... more »
posted 06/27/16

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The story of heroin in New Mexico's Rio Arriba County had been told too many times by the national media, leaving residents wary. But no journalist had invested the time to tell the personal stories of the community.
When Erin Borrego was 15, she and her classmates started experimenting with opioid painkillers. It started with pills called Percocet and Lortab, but she quickly moved on to injecting heroin.
If there’s any police department that understands what an opioid epidemic means for a community, it’s New Mexico's Española Police Department. Even the chief of police has had addiction struggles within his own family.