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Awards and Updates

2015 Media Fellow - awarded by Stanford University's Bill Lane Center for the American West

I have spent the past year researching and writing on the notable increase of women farming and ranching in the U.S. Publication of my work has appeared in The Washington Post and High Country News.

Elizabeth Zach's Blog

A network of regional "task forces" is tackling the opioid problem throughout California, leading... more »
posted 05/14/18
Rural hospitals have been closing at alarming rate across the nation, including California's... more »
posted 03/01/16

Elizabeth Zach's Work

In recent years, hospitals that serve small rural communities across the nation have closed their doors at a disquieting rate, essentially one per month.
In California’s Central Valley and rural north, more than a dozen hospitals have closed since the early 2000s. The closures often limit care options and inflict economic misery — some communities never recover.
For residents of California's vast rural areas, where nine hospitals have closed in the past decade, a cancer diagnosis can be especially frightening. Here's why.