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Awards and Updates

2014 James Madison Freedom of Information Award - awarded by Society of Professional Journalists Northern California Chapter

The James Madison Freedom of Information Award is named for the creative force behind the First Amendment and honors local journalists, organizations, public officials, educators and private citizens who have fought for public access to government meetings and records and promoted the public’s right to know and freedom of expression. Lake County News received the News Media Award for their successful legal fight to force Lake County Sheriff Frank Rivero to end his blacklisting of the publication after a series of hard-hitting, critical articles about his conduct in office.

Elizabeth Larson's Blog

This past year, Lake County News has dedicated a lot of time, planning, information gathering... more »
posted 11/14/11
In Lake County, Calif., the top health risk factors are underage drinking, accidental death and... more »
posted 04/15/11

Elizabeth Larson's Work

The automobile is a fixture of American life, and in rural areas like Lake County’s it’s critical to getting to and from school, work and other commitments. But for drivers in Lake County, the roadways can be dangerous places.

Hartmann Road – an entry point into the Hidden Valley Lake gated community – intersects with a wide, sweeping curve of Highway 29. In appearance, it's an unremarkable stretch of roadway. But the statistics showed that something had to be done.

The safety of Lake County’s roadways is a matter of great concern not just for drivers but for officials and agencies across a broad spectrum – from health to planning, public works to law enforcement.