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During my reporting on organ donation for my fellowship project, one source’s quote stood out. ... more »
posted 02/09/11
A wide disparity exists between the large number of people on transplant lists, waiting for vital... more »
posted 07/31/10

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Posted by FrankSotomayor | Friday, 2011-05-20, 19:44
Congrats Mark on shedding light in a systemic way on this important topic, too often ignored...
Posted by FrankSotomayor | Monday, 2010-08-02, 22:00
Excellent topic to explore, Pedro. Your work will help alert people to this serious condition.

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As the list of patients in need of organ transplants continues to grow, Vietnamese communities in Southern California are urged to consider becoming organ donors.

Soaring rates for obesity, diabetes and hypertension are fueling a serious gap between the need for kidney transplants and the availability of those organs, impacting Latinos and other Los Angeles patients who are in renal failure.

United by a common mission, they work to raise awareness about saving people's lives through a selfless act: the donation of human organs. And, true to their name in Spanish, they have become the ambassadors for organ and tissue donation to the Latino community of Los Angeles.