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Awards and Updates

2015 Equal Voice Journalism Fellowship - awarded by New America Media

The Equal Voice Fellowship from New America Media is funded by the Marguerite Casey Foundation. In 2015, sixty journalists nationwide competed this year for six journalism grants to support at least one or a series of investigative and exploratory reporting projects on critical poverty issues in underserved communities.

The fellowship provides the journalists from ethnic and mainstream media with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of critical issues of poverty in communities that they serve and to increase the public’s understanding of poverty in the United States.

For the fellowship I am working with Plus magazine to examine the intersections between poverty, race, sexual orientation, gender identity and HIV. My investigative series will focus on the criminalization of HIV, the role incarceration plays in HIV transmission, the link between depression and HIV, and trans women with HIV.

Jacob Anderson-Minshall's Blog

San Francisco’s success with early treatment and access to preventive drugs seems to have made a... more »
posted 12/02/15

Jacob Anderson-Minshall's Work

Is the human species developing responses to HIV now that we've been exposed to the virus for more than a generation? 

In an effort to reduce HIV rates in the state, Governor Brown signed into law a bill that requires those who receive an HIV test with negative results are informed about prevention options like PrEP, the one-a-day pill that's up to 99% effective in preventing HIV.

After living there for over a decade, I know San Francisco is uniquely situated when it comes to HIV and AIDS. But I wondered, How are other counties in California fairing in their prevention efforts?