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Does a forthcoming ban on smoking in public housing promote the health of residents or amount to ... more »
posted 03/11/16
It's tempting to assume that another article on smoking's harms would be a non-story. But while... more »
posted 01/04/16

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This article was produced as a project for the USC Center for Health Journalism’s California Fellowship. Other stories in the series include: Tobacco companies put up a fight against California's Prop 56 UCLA SAFE program to help low income residents avoid second hand smoke Climbing Fences: Obstacle
Officials for a state campaign aimed at ending tobacco use among California’s children are supporting a tobacco tax increase initiative for the November ballot that will raise the price of cigarettes and vaping products but tobacco companies are fighting to stop it.
Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the program is mainly aimed at African American and Latino residents of public and low income housing. The project coincides, say organizers, with HUD’s proposed ban on smoking inside individual units.