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Candid reflections and takeaways from a brutally awful year in Indian County. more »
posted 07/28/21
Tribes are finding strength and solutions in culture and tradition amid the devastation of COVID-19. more »
posted 11/09/20
Alaska has the nation’s highest rate of people living without plumbing, and that can translate... more »
posted 06/10/15

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Posted by jmestus | Monday, 2014-07-07, 12:35
Hi, I've been following your series avidly; great work. See you in L.A.
Posted by jmestus | Monday, 2014-07-07, 12:27
Wow, what a great topic. My mother went to a boarding school, and I'm just becoming aware...
Posted by jmestus | Monday, 2014-07-07, 12:19
Hi, kudos for tackling this topic! I'm Tlingit, live in Anchorage, and will be covering ...

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In communities without running water and flush toilets, 11 times more children develop pneumonia than other Alaskans, and some develop complications that can lead to lifelong respiratory problems.

What if you didn’t have piped water and sewer, and the government wasn’t picking up the tab to extend such resources to you in rural Alaska? How would you go about finding a low-cost system that you could keep running through the winter?

Even rural Alaskan communities that have raised the money to build modern sanitation systems face the threat of their ultimate failure due to the lack of funding for operations and maintenance, wiping away whatever health gains were achieved.