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Overdosing on Toxic Treatments... more »
posted 06/20/12
Think you'll be safe on Medicare? The truth is hospitals can unilaterally rescind - or steal, to... more »
posted 06/08/12
Maybe all our angst about dying is simply wrong-headed - and counter-productive for those we're... more »
posted 06/02/12

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Posted by Johnster | Monday, 2012-07-23, 10:04
I've commented elsewhere on Reporting on Health about this subject and will repeat some of what I...
Posted by Johnster | Friday, 2012-06-08, 11:36
And you're doing more good for that dying woman - and countless more, I'm sure - for free than...
Posted by Johnster | Saturday, 2012-06-02, 11:07
There's more to consider with opioid use than misuse and addiction. Opioids certainly do help...