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Mental health care is playing a starring role in a movement to unseat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.... more »
posted 10/30/13
Mental health providers in Illinois acknowledge that the state is in a dire budget situation.... more »
posted 09/17/13
Jose Arreola’s parents told him at age five that he couldn’t speak Spanish in public, and couldn... more »
posted 04/23/13

Kari Lydersen's Work

Maria Martinez and her husband and three sons live in a colorful stucco home in a subsidized housing development near San Diego Bay. But as soon as she steps outside, Martinez and her neighbors are confronted with an onslaught of environmental health hazards.

Journalist Kari Lydersen examines the environmental health impacts of a large oil refinery's expansion to process tar sands oil.

When the Chicago City Council last week passed an ordinance to reduce emissions from construction equipment working on city jobs, it touched on a larger problem: harmful amounts of diesel exhaust in the city. Journalist Kari Lydersen found troubling emission levels in some neighborhoods.