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posted 08/06/18
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posted 05/03/18
Karen Bouffard and The Detroit News were awarded this week a 2015 Communication Award from the... more »
posted 09/09/15

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Detroit has the highest rate of asthma among young children in America’s 18 largest cities, a problem that experts link to urban ills that could affect their health and learning for the rest of their lives.

A Detroit News analysis of Michigan Department of Community Health data found an average of five children die annually of asthma in the city, including nine in 2006 and eight in 2007. But promising projects are underway to combat childhood asthma in Detroit, such as home visits by asthma educators.

Like many Detroit mothers, ChaunTia Murray is young, single and caring for a baby with significant health problems. But in a city with high infant mortality and maternal death rates, she is involved in a program that could vastly improve the chances for Murray and her baby.