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Between March and May, I had several moments of panic about whether I was going to be able to... more »
posted 06/13/11
I attended a meeting Tuesday evening where I felt real inspiration. more »
posted 10/20/10
Sometimes it seems like all I ever hear about is the bad in Del Norte County. more »
posted 10/18/10

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While funding for California's welfare programs has seen a steady decline over the past few decades, the state's financial crisis may mean even more severe cutbacks. Many who depend on these programs may face homelessness and illness as a result.

While other social services are facing budget cuts, the funding to serve Del Norte County’s mentally ill population seems relatively secure.

Project: Baby Teeth

Del Norte County has a serious problem with tooth decay. In fact, the problem is spread across California — a recent study found that two-thirds of the state’s children have some form of tooth decay. Kelley Atherton finds out why.