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The speed of discovery in medical innovation exceeds that of any time in history, and “organoids”... more »
posted 01/07/17
One woman’s wrong diagnosis spotlights the severity of health threats. more »
posted 11/04/16
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will hold hearings about stem cell research this month, on... more »
posted 09/05/16

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Posted by KJSchultz | Saturday, 2020-12-05, 11:37
Best of luck on this multipart series; it's a much-needed topic. I lived or worked in Santa...
Posted by KJSchultz | Friday, 2017-06-23, 11:18
Great article and to the point. It is so rare we hear any politicians address this, which is the...
Posted by KJSchultz | Thursday, 2016-09-22, 12:13
Thanks so much for this bracing article. Sooo spot on, and I'm grateful someone with your...

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Should stem stells be regulated as drugs? The FDA will hold hearings this year to explore stem cell treatments it deems unproven.