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Patients on Medicare with chronic conditions and disabilities will no longer have to show... more »
posted 11/01/12
Dense breasts are common among women in their forties, the exact same demographic for whom... more »
posted 09/27/12
If ever there was a bombshell at a National Institutes of Health Consensus Development meeting,... more »
posted 12/08/11

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Posted by Laura Newman | Friday, 2011-10-14, 09:45
Helpful, streamlined advice here. Thanks, Angilee.
Posted by Laura Newman | Monday, 2011-06-13, 09:12
This is a very important topic. Glad to see some informed criticism of the bandwagon to rush and...
Posted by Laura Newman | Tuesday, 2011-06-07, 17:06
I think that reviews on the internet are far less reliable overall. My hairdresser told me a year...