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CAFO update - awarded by Yakima Herald Republic

Dairies implicated in "Hidden Wells, Dirty Water," 2008 Yakima Herald Republic, agree to line lagoons and take other measures to stop groundwater pollution.


Six years after my series about nitrate contamination in the Yakima Valley, Hidden Wells, Dirty Water, and a federal judge finds the first of four dairy plaintiffs violated the Resource Recovery and Conservation Act, significantly calling manure a solid waste, not a nutrient.

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How a late-in-the-day press release from Washington state's health department prompted an award... more »
posted 11/12/12

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Posted by lbward | Wednesday, 2013-05-01, 08:55
Interesting. The EPA here in the Yakima Valley identified recently four dairies as the most ...
Posted by lbward | Wednesday, 2012-02-29, 14:44
Wow, what a long haul Joy. But well worth it. Congrats on the groundbreaking work.
Posted by lbward | Wednesday, 2010-05-26, 14:19
My series on nitrates in Washington state's Yakima Valley -- Hidden wells, dirty water -- spurred...

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Thousands of rural, mostly poor, Lower Yakima Valley residents in Washington state rely on small private wells that aren't routinely tested or inspected, posing serious health risks.