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One way to present more culturally-balanced stories is to create more diverse newsrooms. But we... more »
posted 02/09/16
“In many African American communities, mental health issues have a history of being undertreated... more »
posted 12/18/15
This three part series will be looking into mental health care among black communities within the... more »
posted 02/20/15

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In West Oakland, Rev. Donna Allen is trying to make sure church members understand that it’s not just faith that they can lean on when facing mental health problems. Alameda County has invested more than $1 million to help groups bring mental health services to underserved communities.

In many African-American communities, mental health issues have a history of being under-treated and under-diagnosed. KALW's Leila Day talks with local psychiatrist Dr. Loma Flowers about the reasons why many in the black community may still resist therapy.

The National Association of Black Social Workers has found that African-Americans experience better treatment results when paired with clinicians of similar race and background. There’s a strong need for black clinicians, but there aren’t always enough available.