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I received my first cigarettes around the time I got my first iron, stove, and refrigerator. This... more »
posted 03/28/11
Having a parent with Alzheimers is dispiriting for children -- no matter what their age. My Dad... more »
posted 12/27/10
Health care, education, politics, and pride take a back seat when you have no shelter. more »
posted 12/16/10

Linnie Frank Bailey's Work

As Americans struggle with the aftermath of the health care reform bill, and try to determine exactly what it means for themselves and their families, the homeless population is often ignored. Most assume that homeless Americans get free medical care, but that is not necessarily the case. Even those who do have government-sponsored health care are forced to make difficult choices when health must compete with food, shelter, and transportation. This ongoing series of stories will detail the plight of the 'sick and homeless' in Riverside, California.