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America is aging. Montana is aging faster. Projections indicate 25 percent of the country will be... more »
posted 07/08/13

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When I started reporting on Montana's "aging tsunami," I wanted to know what solutions held the most promise. But as I delved into the issues, I was forced to reexamine my assumptions. Sometimes the best stories take a fresh look at what we think we know.

Helping others helps keep Marjorie Haber young. Gray haired and sprightly, the 81 year old has for almost 11 years been a "Senior Companion," ferrying older people in rural Eastern Montana to the grocery store, to the doctor, and to the Senior Center for group lunches.

Montana policymakers have anxiously watched a demographic shift coming toward them, knowing it brings more older, potentially sicker patients to a largely rural medical system in which providers and specialists are already scarce.