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2013 Ippies Award - awarded by

New York's Chinatown has had over 100 years of history. In the past century, it weathered ups and downs along with the city. After 9/11, Chinatown gradually came out of the shadows. But the hurricane on October 29 threw Chinatown back into darkness and fear.

Melody Cao's Blog

In Asian families, raising a child with autism spectrum disorder means not only piles of bills,... more »
posted 07/12/15

Melody Cao's Work

Most families didn't want to talk to SinoVision reporter Melody Cao about autism in their families. Then she turned to the messaging app WeChat, and found parents suddenly were willing to talk about their challenges.

Melody Cao's reporting was undertaken as a California Health Journalism Fellow at the University of Southern California's Center for Health Journalism.