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Journalistic Excellence Award, Digital Media: Columns-News/Political “Growing Political Power”( India Currents) - awarded by San Francisco Press Club Bay Area Journalism Award

The San Francisco Press Club’s Greater Bay Area Journalism Awards ceremony and dinner honors the outstanding work of Bay Area print, TV, radio and digital media journalists, graphic designers and photographers, as well as the work of documentary filmmakers and PR materials from nonprofits and corporations.

Meera Kymal's Blog

An advocacy group in the Bay Area that works with South Asian clients has reported a pandemic... more »
posted 06/30/21

Meera Kymal's Work

Locked out of her Fremont apartment after a domestic dispute turned violent, Priya huddled terrified in a corner of the hallway. Her new husband had thrown her outside without a blanket, after shoving her onto a sofa and breaking her arm.
In a unique storytelling project, survivors share deeply personal stories about their experience living with and surviving domestic violence.
The first of a three-part series for October’s Domestic Violence month, this story is part of a unique storytelling project “Chai with Sahelis.”