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Most Americans favor Medicaid expansion, Accretive Health settles, bird flu jumps to seals and... more »
posted 07/31/12
Obamacare will intensify the doctor shortage, blood supplies low, babesiosis spreading and more... more »
posted 07/30/12
Insurers are cooperating to fight fraud, three cured of HIV, more early elective births, a cheap... more »
posted 07/27/12

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Posted by Nathanael47 | Monday, 2012-07-09, 10:47
The Gardner and Brandt piece is excellent. The NYT story you link to is by David Tuller, not Jane...
Posted by Nathanael47 | Monday, 2012-07-09, 08:37
Medicine kills more than it saves in all cases? certainly not! The evidence I'm refering to (in...
Posted by Nathanael47 | Monday, 2012-07-02, 16:37
Where's a good place to start with Brandt? Is there one seminal paper or necessary book that I...