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My fellowship project was prompted by a question I’d been wondering about: Might mindfulness be a... more »
posted 01/06/16
As the country tries to find a way to regulate, tax, legalize, or punish people for buying,... more »
posted 02/23/15
Local hospitals in San Diego like UCSD and Scripps offer mindfullness programs where they... more »
posted 02/23/15

Neda Iranpour's Work

In the third installment of the San Diego 6 News series “Mind Your Health,” Neda Iranpour looks into a place many of us spend a lot of our time: at work. Iranpour profiles Dr. Bronner’s, a socially-conscious soap-maker to find out why offering free wellness and health care to employees pays off.

While we may think doctors and medical students don’t have time to “sit still,” UC San Diego is finding that the act of meditating is helping create better medical professionals. The school's Center for Mindfulness is now serving as an example to many universities and hospitals.

Navy Corpsman 2nd class Jennifer Starks says yoga helped her reintegrate back into the community because she was isolating herself. Starks was diagnosed with PTSD after 12 years in the military, a career that included two deployments and time on a carrier.