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It's a thankless task, running a public hospital. Squeezed by patients, governments, and... more »
posted 02/02/12

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Posted by PhilipG | Tuesday, 2012-02-07, 13:59
I'd like to add a footnote to my admonition to "follow the money" when trying to learn about a...

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Half of the patients in Grady Hospital's emergency room don't have a regular doctor. When they're sick, they have nowhere to go but the E.R.

As the area's health provider for the poor and uninsured, Grady Hospital gets most of its funds from federal, state and local governments. But that's not enough to cover costs.

For more than 100 years, Atlanta's Grady Hospital has been the health care provider for the region's poor and uninsured, but in 2007, it faced a crisis. Philip Graitcer investigates.