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Best Investigative Reporting - awarded by California Newspaper Publishers Association

2013 CNPA Better Newspapers Contest

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A reporting project got its start when a probation official made an off-hand comment about... more »
posted 04/14/15
Not everyone who passes through Sacramento County's version of juvenile hall may be there for... more »
posted 02/18/14

Raheem Hosseini's Work

Even in California, reproductive rights aren’t safe. Learn why the state’s most vulnerable women are more at risk than ever

Sacramento County is suddenly flush with millions to spend on the area's neediest kids after federal entitlement program is rejiggered.

One of the only supportive housing options for the mentally ill operates without regulation or oversight—creating a dark economy in which bad operators act with impunity and an easily defrauded population gets no justice, an SN&R investigation reveals.