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The allegations of dental negligence against Dr. Robert Tupac described a host of problems — ... more »
posted 10/29/14
My project focuses on how the California Dental Board investigates allegations against dentists. more »
posted 02/18/13

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Over a span of three decades in courthouses across Southern California, more than a dozen dental malpractice lawsuits have been filed against Bakersfield prosthodontist Robert Tupac in courthouses across Southern California. The allegations are extensive.

In the most severe cases of complaints against dentists, the Dental Board of California to the California Office of the Attorney General to file an accusation against a dentist on the board's behalf. That's what happened in the case of Dr. Robert Tupac.

Over three decades, more than a dozen patients have claimed that one dentist’s shoddy work left them with issues varying from excessive drooling to ill-fitting teeth. Meanwhile, state dental regulators have done little.